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We are Redefining Health & Wellness


“What if there was a hologram card and stickers – wearable technology with NO ingredients – infused with powerful frequencies that deliver energy throughout your body to the DNA of your cells?”


You’re a powerful energetic being whose power has been affected and blocked by the negative energetic pollution of the present world! You deserve the best technology has to offer! IMAGINE these life giving frequencies resonating to the depths of your DNA:

  • CBD for inflammation relief, emotional stress, nausea relief, neuro disorders, and more….WITHOUT the ingestion of oils, THC, chemicals or odors. SAFE for every man, woman, child, animal –and available in 120 countries around the world with free shipping.
  • Nitric Oxide for cardiovascular function and relief from body discomfort and pain.
  • Quantum Energy Card with EARTH GROUNDING frequencies – enhances any food, water, skin care, cosmetics, anti-aging, workouts, strength, ENERGY, and all supplements you are already taking/promoting for your mind and body.
  • Freshness Card – lengthens the shelf life of fresh foods 2-3 times! Reduce on waste and your grocery budget.
  • EMF Shield that protects and reflects by neutralizing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. (Google 5g effects on the human body, especially children) Our patented products reduce nervous system disruptions that can effect stress, sleep, eye and skin irritations, and body aches, pains and weakness. USE ON ALL WIFI DEVICES, MICROWAVES, POWER SUPPLIES.
  • Results Day 1
  • Remarkable Tesla science and testimonials
  • Several Products at this time and many more being released as we launch, safe for every man, woman, child and animal.
  • Experience Heath 100%
  • Experience Wellness 100%
  • Experience Energy 100%

Nancy Anderberg Recognized

Nancy Anderberg filming for the Aegea™ promo video and also presenting at the official pre-launch event, as the top rank in the company, Platinum Elite. Nancy was also recognized for her outstanding dedication to Aegea­™­ and her team of distributors...

AEGEA Quantum Card Balance Test Video

Amazing Infinite∞ Energy. Energize your life with Aegea Energy!

Michelle S

I have been studying natural health and have been a Natural Health Consultant for over 20 years. I have a lot of friends who are health practitioners, including energy practitioners, who always test products of all kinds including energy products and many...

All Star Testimony-Pain Relief

On Monday I woke up with severe neck and shoulder pain. It was extremely painful to swallow, felt like an ice pick going through my neck and coming out the back. It was more painful than childbirth. For real! Here are the results after getting stickers on and a massage.

Energy Products Update

I have been studying natural health and have been a Natural Health Consultant for over 20 years. I have a lot of friends who are health practitioners, including energy practitioners, who always test products of all kinds including energy products and many...

Free Energy 6 Day Pack

Watch the video now, then on the button below so that we can send you your FREE 6 day sample experience! (Includes 4 Nitro QuBits & 4 Quantum CBD)
Hello! I’m Michelle S.
(Direct Experience From one of my Top Global Leaders)

I have been studying natural health and have been a Natural Health Consultant for over 20 years. I have a lot of friends who are health practitioners, including energy practitioners, who always test products of all kinds including energy products and many of them just do not work as claimed.

AEGEA’s™ Advanced Quantum Resonance technology is proprietary, and the company owns the exclusive rights to that technology, so there is nothing like this product in the market. Our processes and products are also proprietary and that is why the company has secured multiple patents to protect them and will continue to do so.The technology has also been further enhanced since acquiring it and they will continue to enhance it and develop new products.

So not only do other companies not have our Quantum Resonance Health & Wellness Technology or our Freshness Technology, they also do not have….


-Lindsey B.

“I knew my son was “hyperactive,” but I didn’t realize how much until his patch started to wear off. AEGEA ENERGENTICS™ RELIEF is a life saver! His attention span has increased and he isn’t as hyper anymore! What a relief….the energy inside the holograms really work! Thank you AEGEA™!”

- Linda H.

“We drink a lot of coffee…I use a K-cup coffee machine when not buying STARBUCKS. I used the AEGEA™ QUANTUM CARD today when filling my coffee machine with water, and proceeded to do a taste test with a few cups of “energized” coffee, Joe drinks his black and his reaction was WOW…it’s smooth. I added milk to the cup, no bitterness, a great cup of coffee. Thank you AEGEA™!”

- Anna M.

“I found a raised spot on my skin. It was red, rough and an abnormal shape…I began treating it with the AEGEA™ QUANTUM CARD directly on the area every day in the shower with water and at night and in 30 days it has improved. I am in awe with how it has cleared it up. Thank you AEGEA™!”

- Linda H.

“I have 2 Cockatoos…some have damaging behavior…most pluck their feathers. Josh, my rescue not only plucked his feathers but damaged his skin. I ran water in a spray bottle over the AEGEA QUANTUM CARD and sprayed the area for the last 3 days. Not only has he stopped plucking, but he seems less nervous. It worked so good, I tried my dog’s hot spot, he is not red any more. Thank you AEGEA!”

IMAGINE these medical frequencies resonating to the depths of your DNA!

  • CBD

  • Nitric Oxide

  • Quantum Energy Card – enhances any and all supplements you are already taking/promoting!

  • Freshness Card

  • Results Day 1

  • Over the top testimonials

  • Several Products at this time and 7 more being released at the launch in September in Atlanta including, for pets, weight-loss etc…

  • Free worldwide shipping

  • No enrollment fee

  • No monthly website costs

  • Ships in a #10 envelope

New Network Marketing Company Launching, Join Top Leader, Nancy Anderberg, Free Enrollment!

Here are two recent zooms.

One is an over-the-top testimonials which starts at about the 14 min mark.

Let’s talk and discuss if this is a fit for you!

In the video below, watch Dr. Goth….

He comes in at about the 16 minute mark

(You can fast forward to that, or listen to the business opportunity section).

Watch  these videos to begin your journey with me

Nancy on Health, Fitness, Nutrition


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Aegea Quantum Card Demo with Fitness Expert Nancy Anderberg.

Endurance, Strength, Nutrition, Recovery, Pain, and Sleep Patterns all IMPROVED!

5 Things that will change your life

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There are five things that will change your life! Nancy Anderberg shares her professional experience to success as a health, fitness & personal business coach.

These 5 things will impact your life for the better…. or worse!

  1. Environment
  2. Events
  3. Knowledge
  4. Results
  5. Dreams

You can change your mind-set, dream again, have better health, reach your fitness goals, increase your energy, resonate positivity, and LIVE THE LIFESTYLE you dream about!

Mom Builds Over 100 Million


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Single Mom Builds Global Network Over 100 Million!

In this video, learn how I grew global sales teams that exceeded over 100 million working from home!

AEGEA's Saturday Training Call with Nancy Anderberg & Jason Boreyko

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PLUG IN TO INFINITE ENERGY AND OPTIMIZE YOUR LIFE: Nancy Anderberg and Jason Boreyko will share their 25+ years of experience as professional networkers, through teaching and training, in a series of recorded Zoom videos, as they help to lay the foundation for Aegea International’s PRE-LAUNCH in September of 2018. Contact Nancy at 612-840-1008 or email at for more information & how you can get positioned for results and success in this hybrid Binary. Timing is crucial – act now. 🙂

The Energy Network Of The Body. Your body relies on energy, a life sustaining flow which allows it to function properly. It is only because of the existence of this energy in our body that we can move, breathe, think, feel. and the overall condition of our health and well-being. The body’s life-force energy becomes dysfunctional, various imbalances will result. Any disruption of energy through the Meridian System by natural or man-made frequencies, such as disruptive electromagnetic fields, can be from stress, an injury, trauma, or unfavorable living habits and can be traced to the root of all health problems.

AEGEA’s IMPORTED FROM EARTH™ TECHNOLOGIES Aegea has developed bio-field, vibrational, natural frequencies energy solutions that are wearable technology for the body. Down to earth experience for life. THE RESONATING WAY TO A HEALTHIER LIFE: AEGEA is dedicated to bring science and discoveries out of the laboratory and produce desired effects within the body everyday through our Quantum Resonance Technology.

AEGEA Product Training from a Quantum Physics Practitioner

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Testimonies and Product Training by Quantum Physics Practitioner and CEO Jeff Cohen.

Please watch videos by top leader Nancy Anderberg to learn more about Aegea International and how quantum physics can impact your lifestyle and wellness from head to toe!

After viewing this video please get back to the person that shared it with you or contact Nancy Anderberg at to join for FREE


Find me on Instagram:  @AegeaLeadership

Aegea Testimonies & Team Meeting with Nancy Anderberg and Jeff Cohen, CEO and Co-founder

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More Testimonies and Jeff Cohn, CEO on team zoom:

You will LOVE these Aegea Testimonies & Team Meeting with Nancy Anderberg and Jeff Cohen, CEO and Co-founder. We are sharing tips on how to be successful in relationship marketing, why ZERO experience is needed to have great success with Aegea, what quantum physics and resonance energy frequency means, and WHY Jeff Cohen founded Aegea. Nancy Anderberg shares her 28 years of success and why it is so important to focus on helping people. Aegea has a simple system with strong leadership that will span the globe before you know it! We are looking for innovators that are ready to pioneer the principles of quantum physics through sharing a product and opportunity that delivers life changing results. Join our global Aegea family today at or call Nancy Anderberg for more information: 612-840-1008


AEGEA™ introduces ENERGENTICS™ WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY, the most advanced proprietary patented Quantum Resonance Technology for health and wellness! AEGEA™ has combined 3,000 years of Eastern Medicine with today’s most innovative science and technology to create an advanced breakthrough in health and wellness


Everything in the body is also energy! When your body’s energy flow is imbalanced, interrupted or blocked, you feel discomfort and other symptoms. When your body’s energy, frequencies and vibrations are balanced and optimized, you naturally feel healthy
and energetic.

AEGEA ENERGENTICS™ WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY products use powerful advanced Quantum Resonance Technology to balance and restore your body’s natural energy flow to help the body achieve a state of optimal health and wellness! People around the world are experiencing powerful life-changing results from AEGEA’s™
patented wearable health technology!


– Affordable Natural Health & Wellness Solutions
– U.S. Patented Hologram Technology
– Computer-Programmed for Quality Control
– Non-Transdermal so Nothing Enters The Body
– 100% Natural Without Drugs or Chemicals
– No Side Effects Like Many Drugs & Chemicals
– 100% Safe for Men, Women & Children
– Easy to Use – Wear on The Body or Clothing


– Body Strength, Energy & Endurance
– Mental Clarity & Focus
– Cardiovascular & Heart Health
– Neurological Health
– Relief from Discomfort & Fatigue
– Relief from Stress/Worry/Tension
– Food & Beverage Quality
– Electromagnetic Radiation Protection