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I have been studying natural health and have been a Natural Health Consultant for over 20 years. I have a lot of friends who are health practitioners, including energy practitioners, who always test products of all kinds including energy products and many of them just do not work as claimed.

I have also tried some similar products and got zero results, which is why I was reluctant to try these when Nancy first told me about them! I just assumed they were like all the others that didn’t work!

There are not products “exactly like this” on the market. Some similar energy products have come and gone, and some of them are still on the market. While there are a few companies that claim to have something exactly like this, they are not truly the same!

AEGEA’s Advanced Quantum Resonance technology is proprietary, and the company owns the exclusive rights to that technology, so there is nothing like this product in the market. Our processes and products are also proprietary and that is why the company has secured multiple patents to protect them and will continue to do so.The technology has also been further enhanced since acquiring it and they will continue to enhance it and develop new products.

So not only do other companies not have our Quantum Resonance Health & Wellness Technology or our Freshness Technology, they also do not have our unique products either such as our CBD/Relief, Nitro, Quantum Card and Freshness Card. So you can feel confident in sharing that with people.

There is a lot of information on the website about how it works in the FAQ section. We are also working on a lot of other science and technology information as well as studies that have been done and are being done. The company will not reveal their proprietary technology and methods, however, in order to protect it.

I would also recommend the practitioner webinar from Saturday who is testing the products on his patients with 100% success! That fact alone tells you that there is something very different about these products and this technology!

The bottom line is, the best way to know the difference is to FEEL the difference! That is how we are attracting some of the best energy practitioners in the world!